Allergens & Reactives

Food Allergens & Reactives: 

Are They Disruptive To Our Immune System?


Too many Americans suffer from food allergies, whether from known or unknown issues.  Allergies are one of the ways our body lets us know that our immune system is NOT functioning as it should.

Independent of this,  over 80% of the food we buy in grocery stores contains one or more GMO (genetically modified organism) ingredients.  Many long term food storage companies likewise use GMOs.

How many long term food storage companies are willing to put in writing that they are selling you non-GMO or organic food?

Ask yourself:

Do you consider food  “gourmet” or “premium” if one or more of a meal’s ingredients came from seeds which are genetically modified by having different organisms inserted into the seed so it could be more resistant to a pesticide, such as Roundup? 

Do you think that foods grown from those seeds are exposed to more pesticides by all the spraying of the farm fields? 

Or what if those seeds were injected with a natural bug and worm killer, such as BT, to make corn crops more resistant to pests? 

Do you consider foods grown with such corporate farming techniques “gourmet” or “premium” if some of the ingredients could potentially affect our DNA or our immune system?

Thrive Life puts in writing which of its food items are GMO free and Gluten Free.   (Click here for Thrive Allergen Report)  They want their customers to get the healthiest food possible.  They identify potential allergens so you can make informed choices.  A part of that commitment publicly they made the commitment in 2014 that new products introduced would not have any GMOs, even those which are “processed” and not whole food items.

The concerns about methods used in corporate farming go beyond plants to meat and dairy products.  Corporate farming puts emphasis on fattening animals faster so they can take them to slaughter earlier.   In accelerating animal growth beyond Mother Nature’s time table, animals are injected with growth hormones.

Bovine growth hormones not only affect the meat but with cows you have to be concerned with the dairy products having elevated IGF in their milk.  Elevated IGFs in long term use may increase one’s risk to cancer. Milk from cows injected with the bovine growth hormone is a major factor in children experiencing earlier puberty.

Finally when buying any prepared long term storage meals you need to consider whether any neurotoxins or excitotoxins are in the ingredients.  Monosodium glutamate (MSG), a neurotoxin, has multiple names given to it by the food processing and manufacturing industry.  It is estimated that approximately 30% of the population may have chemical reactions to MSG. Neurotoxins and excitotoxins  attack your brain cells and nervous system.  They also weaken your immune system.  As your immune system weakens this can make your allergies worse.  Likewise, if you strengthen your immune system you decrease or resolve your allergy symptoms.

The goal is to avoid the allergens and reactives in our food supply.  Thrive foods simplifies one’s efforts to minimize their exposure to allergens and reactives and helps you “purify” your food supplies.

“We Vote on Our Health With Our Dollars!”™

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