Fukushima News: It Is Getting Worse

Fukushima News:  Fukushima Is Getting Worse



Fukushima is getting more out of hand and at the rate they are going–Japan, TEPCO and indirectly GE (who built the plant and is apparently consulting on the disaster)–they are going to significantly damage the food supply, the health of citizens, not just in Japan but all of North America.

I’d trust the Keystone Cops more with handling the Fukushima disaster more than the current corporations and governments.

Clearly from Alaska, Canada, the West Coast and down the west coast of Mexico will be severely damaged.

The dumping of seawater on the reactors only served to corrode the structures with the remaining fuel rods. Now, according to some scientists, the radiation is in the ground and going down towards the groundwater.

So while the Japanese Government/TEPCO start the building of an “Ice Wall”, TEPCO has been dumping and continues to dump hundreds of tons of radioactive water directly into the Pacific Ocean.

Does one have to be a scientist to have enough common sense that this ongoing nuclear radioactive waste dumping is going to eventually go around the world through weather and water currents?

One independent scientist, radiation expert, Leuren Moret, is even saying that Hawaii and the Pacific Islands are now unsafe for human habitat and swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

Whether she is wrong or right, considering the tract record of Japan and TEPCO with Fukushima, do you just really want to do nothing and watch from the sidelines? Or do you think that you should be investigating how to detox your body? Or how to boost your immune system? Or how to reduce the production of free radical production within your body? What about how to filter your water should Fukushima contaminate our groundwater, whether from its direct dumping or the radiation being brought to the use through rain, snow and weather patterns?

Feel free to share your thoughts.



World Bank: Social Instability, Rising Food Prices and Shortages on Horizon

Editor’s Note:  Do you really think that America is going to be unscathed from the world rising food prices?

What about the impact of our droughts and water shortages in different locations?  What about Fukushima?  Or the flood of illegal immigrants coming across the US/Mexican border from Central America because they are jobless, hungry?  Or the negative impact that GMOs and corporate farming are having on our productivity and health?

Rising world food prices


World Bank warns of food riots as rising food prices push world populations toward revolt

(NaturalNews) A new report issued by the World Bank (1) warns that food prices are skyrocketing globally, with wheat up 18 percent and corn up 12 percent this quarter. Ukraine, one of the largest wheat exporters in the world, has suffered a 73 percent increase in domestic wheat costs. Argentina has seen wheat prices skyrocket 70 percent.

According to the World Bank, these price increases have been caused primarily by three factors: 1) Sharply higher demand for food in China, 2) U.S. drought conditions that hammered wheat production, and 3) unrest in Ukraine due to the near state of war with Russia.

Rising food prices lead to food riots

According to the World Bank, rising food prices have caused 51 food riots in 37 countries since 2007. These include Tunisia, South Africa, Cameroon and India, among other nations.

“Food price shocks can both spark and exacerbate conflict and political instability,” warns the report.

A World Bank blog entry by Senior Economist Jose Cuesta entitled “No Food, No Peace” (2) warns that “It is quite likely that we will experience more food riots in the foreseeable future… food price shocks have repeatedly led to spontaneous — typically urban — sociopolitical instability.”

Fukushima Update: They Don’t Know What To Do…Hide Your Sins and They’ll Go Away!



Apparently Fukushima Execs and the Japanese Government have no way to deal with the leaking radioactive waste.  Their Solution:  Dump all of it in the Pacific?  See this article:  They’re Going to Dump the Fukushima Radiation Into the Ocean

If this article is right and TEPCO is allowed to dump the massive amount of radioactive water they’ve collected (independent of the 300 tons per day they’re dumping into the ocean), the US is in for an ugly, ugly situation.  Their radioactive waste will get in our soil and food supply.  From what I can see ingesting this stuff internally is more of a problem than any other mode of exposure.

So what does it mean for the health of our countrymen?  Read this in-depth article which shares several studies on the effects of nuclear radiation on humans:  What Is The ACTUAL Risk for Pacific Coast Residents from Fukushima Radiation?

Actually in some ways I am a little relieved.  TEPCO was going to try something never tried before using a robot to remove the approximate 1,100 spent fuel rods from the pools.  All we needed to have a cataclysmic event was two of those rods to come in contact with each other.  Considering the deceptive and incompetent tract record of TEPCO and the Japanese government, they most likely would have dropped a rod or touched another one trying to remove them.

But this solution of dumping all of their radioactive wastes in the ocean, contaminating other nations and our oceans, is no solution.  The plant will continue to spew the waste.  It’s like treating the symptoms but not the causation or problem.

So now it looks like Americans, engaging in individual and family risk management trying to protect their health, have these options: 

We need to be more vigilant about the quality of our food sources.  (The Koreans are already using Geiger counters in food markets trying to avoid contaminated seafood.) 

Reduce our intake of seafood unless we know it comes from areas other than the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico where the BP Deepwater Oil Spill did an incredible amount of damage to our ecosystem. 

Get their health in better shape.  Our thyroid should operate at maximum efficiency since it is the first line of defense.  We need to boost our immune system and resolve our gastrointestional issues.  Eighty percent (80%) of our immune system is in our gastrointestinal tract.

Assess what vitamins and minerals are needed.  Eat a diet that high in antioxidants and with alkaline foods.

Be more diligent about detoxing.  When you detox it helps your liver, colon, kidneys and skin function better.

We can’t wait on our government to protect us.  This is a matter of individual responsibility.




Fukushima Radiation Fallout Is Not Going Away

Fukushima Radiation Is Not Going Away

We need to face reality that the Fukushima radiation fallout situation is not going away for decades.  Although the US should help Japan (independent of the humanity aspects) since the Fukushima radiation fallout will impact the US.   For example last year blue fin tuna off the coast of California contained radiation consistent with the Fukushima meltdown.

What is horrifying for all of mankind is that current estimates are that it will take 30 to 40 years and $15 billion (USD) to clean up this nightmare.

If Ben Bernake is going to run his electronic printing press, then why can’t he create $15 Billion from thin air for the Fukushima cleanup instead of creating money to underpin the Wall Street Banksters and thieves who have not turned from their wrongful ways?

Since our government is not helping and the Japanese basically continue to ignore the situation (like an ostrich sticking its head in the sand, waiting for it to be cut off), Americans had better be planning for a nuclear type of emergency, whether from a nuclear power plant meltdown or otherwise.  Learn also how to protect yourself from excessive radiation.  Get a water filtering system that takes out radioactive particles.  The only one I know that will take out radioactive particles is the Aqua PailI’ve personally purchased the 1000 gallon Aqua Pail; however, if I was preparing for 2 or more people I would look closely at the 3000 gallon Aqua Pail.   You’ll not only need purified water for drinking and cooking but for bathing.  Remember radioactive particles can be absorbed through the skin.–No Name Attorney

High cost of cheap energy: Fukushima tragedy 2 years on

By RT News

Two years after the Fukushima disaster, much of the clean-up effort is still ‘theoretical’, survivors go to court for compensation and thousands march against nuclear power, while the government gives up on the phase-out promise.

Experts estimate closing the damaged Fukushima reactors down will cost around US$15 billion and will take about 30 to 40 years.

Two years ago the worst atomic disaster since Chernobyl in 1986 was provoked by an earthquake followed by a tsunami. The natural disaster knocked out cooling equipment at the Fukushima Daiichi plant north of Tokyo, leading to the meltdown of three reactor cores.

The catastrophe claimed 19,000 lives.

There are still buildings on the plant at Fukushima Daiichi that human beings cannot enter. There’s a lot of work that cannot be done yet, because the radiation levels are too high. So at this point what’s being done is that the grounds are being prepared for the work to come, but a lot of this work is still theoretical: how to remove the fuel, how to lessen the radiation there on the site and how to decommission the plants,” Robert Jacobs, associate professor at the Hiroshima Peace University, told RT.

What hampers the clean-up process even further is groundwater flooding, with hundreds of tonnes of water seeping daily into the damaged reactor buildings.

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