Cheaper Than The Grocery Store

Thrive’s cheaper than the grocery stores. We won’t break your food budget piggy bank!

THRIVE Saves You Money!!

When you purchase Thrive freeze dried foods, substitute it for foods you normally purchase at your local store, Walmart or Costco, you’ll find it is cheaper than grocery store or big chain stores.  You save significant money (while getting premium food) multiple ways.

     Get high quality, premium GMO free foods while paying less per serving than you pay with traditional grocery store shopping.  In January of 2012 I did a cost per serving comparison at Harris Teeter, a large Southeast US grocery store chain.  Look at these two examples, green beans and sweet peasNot only do you get grocery store prices or better per serving but Thrive has no sodium plus significantly higher vitamin content!

(Serving sizes are comparable because the Thrive serving size has not been rehydrated.   Freeze drying food reduces the size.  Adding water restores the food to its original size.)

I frequently do price comparison studies on our food compared to our competitors.  I share this information with my newsletter subscribers.  A new study is coming out in 2016 showing you how to not only save with the grocery store but how to buy our food at basement bargain prices!  If you have not already signed up to the ministry’s newsletter, I encourage you to do so.  We help you find the bargains and save you lots of $$$$.

     Eliminate food waste.  You just get what you need.  (No leftovers!)  Did you know according to a New York Times report in 2008 the average family of 4 wasted (or threw out) slightly over $2200 of grocery purchases?  Can you imagine how high this figure is in 2015 with all the food inflation we’ve had since 2008?

     Purchase in bulk as a hedge against food inflation.   Most of Thrive’s freeze dried foods have an average shelf life of 25 years with proper storage.   Once you open the can, you usually have 1 year to eat the contents before taste and nutrients are affected.

     Freeze dried food is a powerful tool to offset the ongoing food inflation we are experiencing from the Federal Reserve’s printing press, the California Drought and the fact food inflation outpaces increases in wages (thus reducing our purchasing power).

     Reduces impulse buying at the grocery store.  Did you know that grocery stores place products and structure sales for you to purchase more?   How many times have you gone into the grocery store to buy only a few things but left the store with many more items?

     Reduces trips to the grocery store.  You not only save gas, but wasted trips to pick up an item that has already sold out.

Ask yourself:  Does this video accurately reflect how you are grocery shopping?

Besides these cost savings, I help customers to get the lowest prices possible on their favorite foods and dietary needs.  Look at our packages, sales and special sales, and share with me which foods you want.

I will work with you to get the maximum amount of food possible within your budget.

“We Vote on Our Health With Our Dollars!”™

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