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Please note that at the present time you need to put your contact phone number within the text

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Contact-Green-ArrowThis form can be used for:

♦     Inquiring about a food storage consult;

♦     Scheduling a phone appointment;

♦     Scheduling a party;

♦     Placing a special order;

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If you want a phone call, please include the contact phone number (in the message area), let me know if it is a cell phone or landline, which is important for knowing if I can send you a text message.  (Sometimes text messages are very useful in finding a convenient contact time for everyone.)  Also if you would let me know what time zone you are in and suggested time(s) or day(s) to return your call this would be helpful.

If you wish for me to place an unadvertised specials order, PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION IN THE FORM!  I NEVER have customers send this information to me.  I take the information over the phone.

All food storage consults are initially done over the phone.  I collect data I need to make this a personalized food storage plans.  Therefore, your phone number must be included within the message area.

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