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This site exists to introduce you to an alternative for healthy food for daily use as well as long term food storage.

In that effort, I have done extensive research trying to give you a high quality work product and body of information to consider.

If anyone wants to use this information to share with friends, family or acquaintances for educational purposes about the issues concerning the integrity of our food supply, then feel free to share my writings.  I ask that you include the links and give the website credit.

However, if your purpose of sharing this information is in part for any commercial reason (i.e., you sell freeze dried food, soliciting business) then you need to get my permission in writing.  Without my written permission there is no consent.  This means that commercial infringers, when discovered, will see me legally protect my work, including seeking damages.

When I use third party information I give credit to the source for their hard work in producing their work product.

If you have any questions about whether it is permissible to use information from this site, then write me at  I will respond to all queries.

As Ben Franklin, a great statesman, once said:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Note:  All writings on this site are protected by copyright law as noted at the footer at the end of the page.  The copyright symbol or notice does not have to be at the end of the article or post to be protected.  All pages are also monitored for plagiarism and copyright violations.


What I post on Facebook has also the same purpose as this website: educating people about issues that affect our food supply, health and finances.

Customers (or customer of my team members) and those who subscribe to my email list (or an email list of any of my team members) are free to share my postings with others and spread the word about issues they find interesting on their facebook pages.

However, those who sell long term food storage products, including anyone who is a Thrive Life Consultant, a family member of a Thrive Life Consultant, or another Thrive Life Consultant customer do not have permission to use any of my writings, research or photography.  If you have any concern about something you want to use and whether you can use it, then the best policy is to ask me.  If I give an exception to using any of my work I will do so in writing.  That is for your protection and mine.

Why do I have this policy?

Because many of the ministry team members engage in this ministry on a part-time basis and have families.  They do not have the additional time to spend on developing resources for their customers.  My agreement with them is that I will not allow any of my materials I author to be used to compete against them.

I take copyright infringement matters seriously.

Likewise, what the Lord has blessed me with, a legal education, career, background and interests, they should be able to utilize to the fullest.  We are a team and as a team I do my best to protect not just my interests, but theirs.  It would trouble me if any way if something I wrote was used to their economic disadvantage.  And I am blessed that team members likewise are loyal to this ministry.

I strive for peacefully co-existing with others.  (I’m in the process of being certified as a Superior Court certified trial mediator, hopefully completed by January 2014.)  So many conflicts and lawsuits occur because of misunderstandings, miscommunication or at worst, someone trying to gain an unfair advantage over another.  In that spirit and having decades of experiencing litigating such issues, I strive to prevent these types of issues.

It’s Biblical to have good communications and proper boundaries with others.  It promotes peace, prosperity and harmony.  It’s a way to live a less-stressed life.  After all, this world, which is not His world, is constantly trying to pull us in the opposite direction.

Let’s try to live in peace.  Again, if what anything that I have written above is unclear to you or is not covered, then please do both of us a service by contacting me in writing at  I will be happy to discuss this with you any proposals you have.

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