Current Thrive Unadvertised Specials for Our Customers


Thrive Unadvertised Specials:

Deep Discounts Competitors Can't Beat!

There are some g-r-e-a-t deals with Thrive Unadvertised Specials!

If you subscribe to my newsletter, then you have seen on many items when you compare actual prices per serving, that Thrive usually has the lowest price or near lowest price among the long term food storage industry.

We're known for our #10 or Pantry cans being at least 80% full.  Would it surprise you to know that some of our competitors "fill" their cans less than 80%?

How full our cans and buckets are makes our Thrive Unadvertised Specials the best bargain there is on Non-GMO, Gluten Free foods hands down!  Grocery stores and our long term storage competitors just can't compete!

When you are buying online, you cannot be like Penny the Pincher in the grocery store who would "shake" the can.  And since the law allows companies to just report the weight, that standard still leaves us clueless.  Most consumers can't relate because we are unfamiliar with what "weight" should be since freeze drying or dehydrating foods eliminates most of the water of a product.


How you compare price value (excluding whether organic or non-GMO) is extremely difficult when comparing freeze dried or dehydrated foods to grocery store foods, especially when it comes to comparing weight or serving size. Freeze drying removes 98%+ of the water and dehydration removes about 85% of the water. When you remove the water the shape and the texture (i.e., whether the item is smooth) changes.

Beyond our competitive every day prices or monthly sales, Thrive has deeply discounted prices on a limited number of packages.  Within the company we call them "Thrive Unadvertised Specials". 

These are Thrive small to large cases, packages and buckets that third parties resell.  Thrive guarantees its consultants that regardless of what any third parties are selling these specific items for, our customers will ALWAYS get the lowest available price by buying through the consultant.


If you were to take a Thrive Unadvertised Specials case, copy the item number and plug it into a search button on either a consultant's or the corporate webstore, you would get a message that this item does not exist.

So how do you get them?  You are required to have a consultant order them.  Consultants are not supposed to throw these rock bottom Thrive Unadvertised Specials to the wind.  Instead consultants are to distribute them through their customer base.  It is Thrive's goal that by consultants offering Thrive Unadvertised Specials they will help consultants develop an ongoing relationship with their customers.

How do I distribute them?  In respecting Thrive's policy, through my monthly newsletter I post a hidden link to them for you to view or download.

Are they really good deals?  You bet!  For example, would you like to buy...

6 #10 Cans (2 per meat) of Roast Beef, Chopped Chicken & Seasoned Ground Beef at 46% OFF

6 #10 Cans (1 each) of Broccoli, Carrots, Onions, Peas, Corn and Potatoes at over 40% OFF

...and there are others.

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