Freeze Dried Grocery Store

Our freeze dried grocery store offers fruits that are as fresh, and probably fresher, than you can find at Walmart, Costco or the grocery store!

Continually Expanding…Meeting Your (Freeze Dried) Grocery Needs

No other freeze dried line of foods is expanding with the variety of food offerings like Thrive!  In April 2012, 16 new items were added, including 12 Thrive Express prepared meals.  It’s a freeze dried grocery store with healthy food choices that has no rival!

Here is a list of the current “grocery store” offeringsThrive Food List

For those that prefer looking at the digital catalog before exploring the website, here is the link:  Thrive Online Digital Catalog.  What’s useful about the catalog is under each food item the optimal shelf life (unopened and opened) along with the number of servings is listed.  The product ID number is also listed.  When you visit the website, you can type in the product ID number in the “search” box and quickly locate the item to see its current price, including sales!

If you would like an overview of the various 6 packs and packages of Thrive foods, click here: Packages.  This list also provides you with the product ID number so you can quickly locate the package current pricing by using the search box feature.

Remember:  Unadvertised specials of products or packages are NOT listed on Thrive’s webstore or the consultant’s webstore.  Thrive Life only allows you to receive them through emails sent by the independent consultants.  If you would like to see the current unadvertised specials (with no purchase required) just send your email address to thrive@survive-thrive.usStart today working on your own freeze dried grocery store!

“We Vote on Our Health With Our Dollars!”™

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