How To Help Support The Mission Without Donations

How You Can Help Support The Mission Without Donations


Integtation of food health and finances

Survive-Thrive.Us is a consumer ministry encouraging wise food, health and economic stewardship.

These three—food, health and economics—are so interrelated, more than we realize.

I have a passion for sharing how the quality, ingredients and type of food we consume impacts our health and pocketbooks.  This comes in part from my personal experience and career.  It also comes from my love for my family, friends and other people.

This passion stays in my thoughts daily and I believe that in this point in time it is part of my purpose in life.

This passion is growing in taking time and resources trying to spread the message of encouraging everyone to examine what we eat and how it contributes to our health.

Whereas some people ask for donations to help them with growing projects that is bigger than the budget, I would rather you buy food and supplies that you need.  Commissions I get as a Thrive consultant pays for all the travel, product samples, presentations, giveaways, website expenses, IT bills, handouts, literature, etc.

If you’d like to see this consumer ministry grow, then would you consider?

    • Purchasing your groceries, long term or emergency food, rotation shelving or emergency supplies from the website that you and your family want or need;
    • Referring family and friends to this website for their groceries, long term or emergency food, rotation shelving or emergency supplies needs;
    • Placing a link or button on your website;
    • Placing a link to this website if you have a newsletter;
    • Joining the team as a consultant and being part of the mission effort;
    • Inviting me and team members to speak at your church, social or community group, or
    • Clicking on one of our Amazon links to enter the website for any of your shopping needs.  We do get a very small commission (giving full disclosure–we have decided against selling advertising space) from Amazon when you purchase at that visit.  (Each time you go to you will need to come back to this website and click the link if you want to make sure the ministry gets credit.)  Hopefully we will introduce you to new products which can affect the quality of your life.

Any other ideas you have on how the website or I can be more effective,please feel free in sharing them in an email to

Bottom line, I am grateful to all of those who have supported or choose to support in the future these efforts.

Remember, real and significant change does not happen immediately or at the snap of one’s fingers.  (It would be nice if it worked that way! :))

Change is a process.  It begins with each of us one day at a time.  One needs to know themselves and why you are here.

Change comes from not giving up when we face obstacles or trials.  It takes conviction, determination and persistence.  All things are possible.  (See Romans 8:28)

May You and Your Family Be Abundantly Blessed!


“We Vote on Our Health With Our Dollars!”™

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