Monthly Sale Specials

October  Monthly Sale Specials


Each month Thrive publishes monthly sale specials for home party (includes web store customers) and Q Club customers (those who agree to purchase a minimum amount of products each month according to their budget).

This month only we are also offering a special selection of sale items (Autumn Harvest Pack) in the Pantry Cans (verses #10 cans) so you can sample many of our products at an additional discount: Instant Pinto Beans, Ground Beef (FD), Seasoned Chicken Slices (FD), Green Onions (FD), Tomato Dices (FD), Red Bell Peppers (FD), Monterey Jack Cheese (FD), Spiced Apple Cider, plus Thrive Express Hearty Chili with Beans and Peppercorn Seasoning Blend. The Autumn Harvest Pack is discounted 18% off through October, 31th, 2014.

The specials packs are great for sampling a variety of our products, travel and  singles and small families.


These monthly sale specials will help you replace foods you buy from your traditional GMO and excitotoxin local grocery store (see Healthier Than The Grocery Store) with healthier foods while saving you money! This is such an incredible WIN-WIN for the consumer!! :)

For your shopping convenience use the Thrive Products Details ReportThrive Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) voluntarily gives you more information than is required so that you can make informed decisions when purchasing food for you and your family.  Don’t you wish the traditional grocery stores did the same thing?

  We Vote on Our Health With Our Dollars!”™

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