Motivation, Mission and Vision

Motivation, Mission and Vision

What’s motivated me to start Survive-Thrive?  What’s the Mission and the Vision?


When I connect the dots—my career experience, background and the medical challenges I’ve battled—I want to help others so they don’t have to have the same or similar health experiences.  Multiple life threatening situations these past few years got my full attention.

This journey though dark corridors of severe pain and suffering has a higher purpose that God can use for His glory.

Life has joy and sorrow.  No matter how tragic or painful the event, we don’t have to stay stuck in the negative.  We can embrace the challenge and gleam pearls from our trials and tribulations. 

The choice is ours:  Are you going to make lemonade from the lemons?

Each of us is made in the image of our Creator.  He does have a purpose (or many purposes) for each of us.  We have the responsibility to find that purpose.

When I considered everything that’s happened in the past few years, the many blessings I have and where I feel He is leading me, it resulted in this food, health and economic ministry.

Mission and Vision

  • Encourage wise food, health and economic stewardship.
  • Educate consumers how GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and  excitotoxins may be a cause or trigger of chronic health conditions and allergies.
  • Help consumers save money on their food household budget.
  • Share how longer range planning helps mitigate the impact of food inflation.
  • Motivate others to reexamine the quality of their diet and whether their current diet is impacting their health.
  • Stimulate analytical and critical thinking skills when evaluating food, health and economic news.
  • Unite with other motivated individuals in various locations in the world who want to encourage others in improving the quality of our food, health and financial resources.

About New Page  “* NEWS TO KNOW *”

There’ so much fluidity with food, health and economic news.  We’re experiencing information overload.

Survive-Thrive’s “* News to Know*” is different in how it aggregates news.

When I share an article, I’ll sometimes add comments.  It could be an assessment or nothing more than asking questions as I would in the classroom teaching my MBA students.  It does not mean I agree with the author.  I may be only posting an article to show another perspective on an issue.

The objective is encouraging deeper analytical and critical thinking of shared news rather than accepting  what the original author writes. 

News stories are written by fallible humans.  Despite one’s best attempt to be even handed they are still writing from the lens of their world.    It’s unfair to authors to put the responsibility on them for our analysis of the news. 

If we are to have better health, be wiser stewards of our financial resources, etc., then we must get off the bench and get into the game.  Passing the buck is unacceptable.  In that process we are accountable.  Everyone’s involvement is valuable. 

Positive change will occur for our country when we at the ground level demonstrate positive change.  Our integrity must rise to the top and influence our leaders instead of vice versa.  If you don’t study the cause(s) then how are you going to find the solution(s)?  Are you just treating the symptoms or are you trying to cure the disease?

We must get engaged and be accountable.  Survive-Thrive promotes positive change by encouraging others to be actively involved.

“We Vote on Our Health With Our Dollars!”™

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