Purify & Win With GMO Free, Freeze Dried Healthy Foods

THRIVE™: Healthy Foods that Helps You

Purify and Win In the Health War

Spaghetti dinner made with gmo free thrive products. Gourmet without the gourmet costs.

You can have healthy, GMO-free meals in less than half the normal prep time without the gourmet costs

Thrive Foods (by Thrive Life, formerly Shelf Reliance), a leader in the freeze dried food industry, sells healthy foods without GMOs, MSG or aspartame.  Thrive Life’s focus is on selling you premium healthy foods  that you can eat every day, replacing the grocery store.  They also make available over 40 packages, from small packages to 4 individuals, 1 year package for those who are stocking food as a hedge against food inflation or preparing for times of local or national emergency.

Healthy Foods

No other freeze dried food company can claim all of the following: 

  • Healthy, Non GMO (or GMO free) foods (see Thrive Product Details) and seeking USDA organic certification on several items.  We released our first 6 certified organic items in February 2013 in our ongoing quest;
  • Shelf Life up to 30 years with an average life of 25 years;
  • Opened cans, average life of 1 year;
  • Higher natural vitamin (phytonutrient) content;
  • Animal Growth Hormone (rBGH, rbst) free meat and dairy products;
  • We do not source vendors that use Pink Slime Meat or by-products;
  • Avoid MSG or hidden MSG in prepared processed food and freeze dried meals;
  • No salt  or low salt (meats) in freeze dried foods as preservative;
  • Lower salt in Thrive Express™ prepared dishes than our competitors
  • Award winning 5 star chef (Todd Leonard) that teaches customers how to use Thrive daily;
  • Extensive collection of recipes using Thrive products;
  • Real meat in their Thrive Express™ dishes, not the “fake” TVP substitute;
  • Eliminate food waste by only getting the serving size you need for that meal;
  • Helps you better count your calories by controlling the ingredients and the serving size;
  • Cut meal prep time in half or more;
  • Latest food preservation technologyno nitrogen put directly on food (nitrogen flushing); and
  • Lower per serving cost.

Compare Us to the Competition

Most freeze dried food companies sell you packages focused primarily on you using them during financial hardships or emergencies.  Many of these processed foods have numerous GMO ingredients and contain multiple neurotoxins or excitotoxins, i.e., textured vegetable protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, etc.  These companies remind me of the food processing industry because of their lack of sensitivity to the GMO, neurotoxins and excitotoxin issues, the only difference is that their processed food has a longer shelf life.

Some of these companies do not even have the nutritional information on their website!  You don’t get to see that their food has high sodium (salt) in excess of 40+% of the recommended daily allowance per serving, undesirable levels of cholesterol or low or no natural vitamins in their servings.  You have to call to find out that they do use GMO ingredients.  When you finally locate their nutritional information on one of their affiliate or reseller sites, then the ingredients shows that there are multiple ingredients containing hidden MSG (less than 99% pure grade MSG or glutamate-see “Healthier than a Grocery Store”).

I’ve heard some people say that should we have a SHTF situation that they won’t worry about whether they have unhealthly food but only concerned that there is food.

Have Healthy Foods Now or in the Future

Is this wise when you can plan ahead and have healthy foods?  In times of crises when stress levels are high or if we have a nuclear emergency (i.e., nuclear reactor situation like Fukushima) our immune system must function at a high level instead of a weakened one.  How is your immune system going to do that when your intake is low vitamin, high sodium, GMO, and excitotoxin food? 

For those who are considering buying a package for preparedness purposes, don’t you want to buy healthy foods that you would eat every day rather than be left with food at some point you need to eat but would not normally eat as part of your diet?

Whether you are buying to replace grocery store food, trying to hedge inflation or for preparedness purposes, Thrive™ is a real win-win for consumers!

“We Vote on Our Health With Our Dollars!”™

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