Save With Thrive Sales and Strategies

 Just as there is more than one road to Rome, there are multiple ways to save on purchasing Thrive Foods. 

I work with customers to help them get the best deal for their budget and personal situation.  As a food ministry my efforts are committed to getting you the most food for the least amount of money.

So how do I do this?   I integrate various Thrive sales and specials and tailor them to what you eat and what you need.  I want you to have as much gluten free and non-GMO foods as possible.

Too many times in talking with people I’ve heard them saying that they wanted to eat organic or non-GMO foods but they can’t afford it.  I want to eliminate that obstacle for your and your family.

Below is a diagram showing how the various pricing tools, methods and strategies make eating non-GMO affordable and practical.


Thrive Life offers multiple ways to get discounts with its price structure.

Each method is covered in the following pages:

Thrive PRICING LEVELS:  The four pricing levels for Thrive Foods are discussed.

We Really Are Cheaper Than the Grocery Store:  There are hidden costs to the traditional grocery store.  Using Thrive foods substantially reduces, if not eliminate, those cost factors.

Monthly Sale Specials:  Each month we have specials.  Check them out.

Current Thrive Unadvertised Specials:  These are deep discounted specials (up to 45% off).  Sign up for our email list and you will receive them in less than 30 minutes.

Join the Q Club:  Q Club offers the lowest prices on individual cases.

Get DEEP DISCOUNTS– BE A CUSTOMER:  When you sign up for the emails (see right column), you get all of the current sales and shopping strategies for maximum purchasing power.  I also share with you news articles and analysis of events that affect your food costs and our food supply.

Contact me today ( with your list of foods and questions.  See for yourself that you can buy gourmet quality food but without the gourmet food costs!


You Vote on Your Health With Your Dollars! (TM)

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Save Up to 45% on Freeze Dried Food


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