Xanax Ingredients: Includes GMOs, Artificial Coloring and More

Xanax Ingredients:  Do We Need the Same "Due Diligence" of Investigating as We Do With Food?

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​Would it surprise you to learn that the ingredients in Xanax includes GMOs or artificial coloring?

What happens when someone is sensitive to GMOs, artificial coloring and food dyes and other additives when they take prescribed medications?  What does the interaction between these "chemical additives" do when combined with prescribed drugs?  Does it set the person up for an allergic reaction?

​Xanax, a popular drug has many negative side effects.  For example, many of these mass shooters were taking Xanax at the time of their heinous acts.  http://www.naturalnews.com/045571_Xanax_mass_shootings_psychiatric_drugs.html.

We need to do more investigation and "rethink" how we take prescription drugs.  For example, should prescription drugs be the last resort instead of the first thing we do in treating a condition?

You might find this article published by Natural News thought provoking:

Xanax made with GMOs, allergens and artificial coloring chemicals
July 14, 2014 by Aurora Gelb of NaturalNews.com

Just like nearly every other drug, the anti-anxiety drug Xanax contains fillers and additives that are listed as "inactive" ingredients, but which actually can pose significant health risks. The only way to avoid ingesting those potentially dangerous chemicals and compounds is to avoid taking the medications.

But does that mean you have to suffer with anxiety and panic disorder? Not at all. There's an alternative treatment which can be just as effective as Xanax, but which has none of the potential side effects and risks associated with the drug and its active and inactive ingredients. First, let's look at the "inactive" ingredients in Xanax.

Although alprazolam is listed as the primary or active ingredient, Xanax is made with GMOs, allergens and other ingredients that can cause health problems and reactions in many people. Here's an overview of some of the "inactive" ingredients lurking in a Xanax tablet:

  • Lactose: About a third of the population is lactose intolerant, and many more have low levels of lactase, the enzyme needed to properly digest lactose. People who are lactose intolerant may experience intestinal gas, bloating, stomach pain and cramps, diarrhea and even vomiting. (1)
  • Corn starch: Almost 90 percent of corn grown in the U.S. is genetically modified, injected with foreign DNA that helps plants tolerate higher levels of pesticides and herbicides, among other modifications. (2) Genetically modified crops are a relatively new invention, and therefore, their health risks have not been fully studied over a long period. Many scientists worry that the addition of new genetic material could cause health effects ranging from allergic reactions to more serious issues affecting the immune system, digestion or organ health. In addition, corn starch can become contaminated with gluten during manufacturing and production, increasing the risk of reaction among people with celiac disease and those with gluten sensitivity. (3)

Read more at: http://www.naturalnews.com/045998_Xanax_GMOs_ingredients.html#ixzz37gopHa5N

Learn about Gluten In Food Processing Industry

Learn About Gluten in the Food Processing Industry

I wanted to share this article and its website, www.aboutgrain.com, because it has multiple articles about gluten in the food processing industry.

It’s difficult to know if you are allergic to gluten.  There are medical tests for this however the cost may be outside your budget.  One way to unofficially test is just to go for 60 or 90 days without any gluten in your diet. 

I know its a challenge but it can be done.  Treat it as if it was your latest “diet plan”.  It costs no extra money through wise shopping.  It does cost you extra time in reading and researching the meaning of the information contained in the food labels and packaging.

If your abdomen size decreases, you feel better, don’t experience any of the possible symptoms that gluten can cause,  then pay attention to it.  Your body is trying to send you a message!  The odds are that you have a gluten intolerance or you’re allergic.  Discuss your findings with your physician and see if he notices a difference upon physical examination.  Who knows maybe you can stop taking your over the counter or prescription medication for your gastrointestinal issues.  Your physician will know whether that’s one less medical bill for you  Would not that be a blessing?   No Name Atty

Addendum:  Thrive does have a large certified gluten free line of foods.  Check and see if through buying the packages or individuals cans, you can not only add variety to you gluten free diet but save money.

What Is Gluten And Why Is It Used So Extensively In The Food Industry?

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What Is Gluten And Why Is It Used So Extensively In The Food Industry?

Those that have been diagnosed with celiac disease or other forms of gluten intolerance sometimes may have a hard time finding foods that are free of gluten. It’s not that there aren’t any options, but the problem is that even foods where gluten should naturally be absent still use it somewhere in the food processing environment.

To understand what is gluten and why it makes it into so many different foods, we have to take a look at what it is, what makes it so desirable in the food industry and what are the different stages of gluten usage – from main ingredient to a substance that is nothing more than a contaminant.


About Me-Copyrights

About ME 🙂

The focus of this page is not about me, but where I have been.  I hope it will help you learn, avoid chronic illness and improve the quality of your health.  After all, the state of our health affects our attitudes, abilities, performance and pours over to those around us.

First, thank you for visiting my blog about healthy eating and Thrive’s Premium Freeze Dried food.  If you have any questions, just contact me at Thrive@northstate.net.  I will be happy to assist you.

My path to selling freeze dried food is not a typical journey.

I am an attorney.   For 20 plus years I was a litigator, focused on complex personal injury and medical malpractice cases.   My “specialty” or interest was determining medical causation and damages.  In those years I probably read more medical journal articles than legal cases.  I spent countless hours reading medical records, researching in medical libraries and preparing and taking medical depositions.

Then in 2005 my world turned upside down.  In treating injuries from a serious auto accident I developed 9 blood clots and almost died.  While treating the blood clots I was given SSRI medications for the bad pain.  Unbeknownst to me I was allergic to the medications.  By 2009 I had dysautonomia (involuntary nervous system was malfunctioning).  I was on oxygen 24/7, had irregular heart rate and blood pressure, circulatory issues, seriously swollen and red feet and other health issues.

This shows how my feet would swell within a couple of minutes when I would put them on the floor. Photos taken in January 2007.

This shows how my feet would swell within a couple of minutes when I would put them on the floor. Notice the discoloration of not just my skin but nail beds.

Photo taken less than 5 minutes later. Compare the advancing discoloration and edema with the earlier photo. Neurological expert said it was as though my blood vessels in my legs were open pipes. The lack of blood vessel constriction made it difficult and very painful to walk. Most of the 4 years I spent in bed with my feet elevated. I could not sleep without my feet elevated to lessen the pain. If you have systemic swelling and edema, please ask your treating physican if you could be allergic to one of your medications or having an adverse reaction to the combination of multiple drugs. When you have an allergic reaction, it is akin to having a toxic reaction.

During that time I gained 48 pounds and was wearing size 1x in women’s clothing. I was miserable and felt I was dying.  My liver was starting to malfunction.  It was like my body was having electrical shortages occurring, moving from place to place.  In late 2009 it was discovered that I was having allergic reactions to the SSRI drugs!  They were slowly toxing me.

Although I lost the 48 pounds in 1 year after I was off the medicines making me sick, I did not improve substantially.  I was still on the oxygen, blood pressure medicine, had the heart monitor, taking medications for neuropathy and experiencing neurological dysfunction.

Then in February 2011 I happened to watch a movie called   “The World According to Monsanto”.   It is about how GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are in our food supply and potentially harming our health and our environment.  I began to wonder if the change in the DNA process and the Roundup™ herbicide used in such corporate farming was adversely affecting me.

At that time I made a commitment to eat organic or non-GMO foods.  I also learned about how there are excitotoxins in our food.

I started reading labels, trying to eat vegetables out of the garden, juicing and detoxing.  I increased my supplements that boost the immune system.  I also began drinking daily three or 4 glasses minimum of green and white tea.

While on this journey I felt I needed some non-GMO or organic food for storage.  I spent months researching freeze dried food companies and looking at their ingredients.  Most companies that sell freeze dried foods use GMO vegetables or they cannot guarantee that their food is without GMOs.  Moreover, many of the prepared or prepackaged foods that the freeze dried community sells have multiple ingredients containing MSG (i.e., anything “hydrolyzed”, vegetable protein, TVP, enzymes, yeast extract, autolyzed yeast, etc.), an excitotoxin, and have high sodium (salt) content.

I was impressed that Thrive Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) gives customers information identifying whether allergens, GMOs, etc. is in their food.


Here’s those same feet in November 2013! This has been done with a diet of no GMOs, MSG, Hidden MSG or aspartame. I also try to eat gluten free. About 80% of the food I eat comes from Thrive foods.

Feb. 2014 feet

Feet again mid February 2014. Some of my team members and friends “had a cow” over my need for a pedicure. What can I say but that the cobbler’s children have no shoes.
Nevertheless, I can laugh at myself and have some fun! I turned down their generous offers to pay for a pedicure and finally had it done.
Still doesn’t the November 2013 picture look so much better (even without a pedicure) than the pics I showed you from 2007? (I’m humbled and grateful to the Lord.)
Those burning feet were a reflection of the living torment I experienced (not just on my feet but in multiple areas of my body) which only progressed until 2009 when it was discovered I was allergic to the prescribed drugs.

I bought the food and loved it!  I saw that they had an opportunity for consultants.  I decided this would give me an opportunity to share my story about how toxins can hurt you.  It would allow me to share with others how important it is to be an inspector and policeman of everything you put in your mouth if you want to be healthy or remain healthy.  It also would allow me to share how food can contribute to allergies, allergic reactions and can affect your overall health.

Today I am significantly healthier than I was in February 2011.  My heart monitor is out.  I am off my blood pressure medicine.  It has been 2012 since I have used supplemental oxygen.  I can wear shoes that I have not been able to wear since 2005 from the severe feet swelling and pain.  I’ve lost two more dress sizes (now to size eight) without losing any more weight. (Since I did not lose any weight, the only thing I can think of that caused me to drop 2 sizes in clothes was I eliminated more toxins, inflammation and removed more allergens.)   My allergies have significantly improved.  Many days I can even skip a day from taking my over-the-counter Zytrec.  (Before I was taking Singulair, a prescription allergy drug.)

I do not regularly take any prescription medicine.  While I was going through my “hell on earth” I was up to probably 12 or more prescription medicines.  (Please re-read that!)

[8/2014 Addendum:  Just saw this week that in 2011 over 2 MILLION (not a typo) SERIOUS ADVERSE DRUG REACTIONS EACH YEAR Add to that that we BURY over 100,000 Americans each year to adverse drug reactions.  This is the 4th LARGEST KILLER IN THE  U.S.  Americans, please wake up!  If you would just get better engaged, eat better and supplement you would not be playing RUSSIAN ROULETTE with your quality of life or your longevity!!!!]

Now I just fill my body with supplements and healthy food.   The Lord provides marvelous, natural healing aides.  As Hippocrates said:  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”    (Hint, hint:  Wake up America!  The solution is under your nose!)


The healing continues! I took this photo of the puppies on 1-5-2016. Compare with the pink polish one above. I know, I have an ugly double jointed toe on my right foot. But that’s NOT what I am showing you. Look at the coloration of the feet, especially around the nail beds and how they are smaller (better circulation/little or no inflammation). Do you see how some of the darkness is going away? This photo was taken on the same floor as my other post 2007 pictures.
People, this is what Jesus has done!
We expect instant miracles but most of His miracles does not happen that way. God’s timing is not our own. He has purposes and reasons for allowing our experiences. I have an electric wheelchair in my house. It was looking like before the allergic drug reaction discovery that the electric wheelchair was my fate if I ever wanted to work again or not be housebound. But it did not turn out that way!
I can tell you that I can’t give enough P-R-A-I-S-E and G-L-O-R-Y unto HIM!

I feel so much better!  I am grateful.  I know that the only reason I survived all of this was through His grace, healing and leading me to the right physician, care and information in His time.  I will also be forever grateful for all the prayers by many believers for healing.

(And may I say that for those who say that miracles do not exist that I am living proof that the Lord does miracles every day.  Remember me sharing I had 9 blood clots?  One was over 10 inches long and another was over 4 inches long.  Four (4) years after they occurred they could not find any radiological evidence I had even one blood clot!  What are the odds of 1 blood clot “disappearing”?  Try 9 blood clots!  I am so grateful and give Jesus the glory and credit!)

It is by sharing this information I hope you will begin your own research into whether non-GMO or organic foods, meat and poultry without hormones or unnecessary antibiotics and food without aspartame and MSG would improve the quality of your health.

(Independently, I think each one of us needs to ask from a spiritual perspective:  Is the net effect of GMOs and excitotoxins spiritual warfare against mankind?  Each one of us needs to wrestle with this $64,000 question not just from a health perspective but whether we should be buying these items. And if GMOs, for example, were really beneficial to our health, don’t you think that these companies would put in bright letters on their labels: “Contains GMOS!”  After all, food manufacturers do that when they add vitamins, a product has Omega 3 or if their product is low in sodium.

Instead, these major manufacturers and multinational corporations, contribute millions of dollars, cloaking themselves by using the Grocery Manufacturers Association as the “donor”, fighting truthful labeling in states such as California and Washington State.  They want to deny you the knowledge of whether their products have GMOs.  This not only reflects upon their business ethics but causes a reasonable person to wonder whether GMOs can adversely affect your health.

When we buy food products containing GMOs and excitotoxins and know that there may be a risk to our health and others, then are we ratifying this socially irresponsible conduct in a de facto fashion?  These companies could not be spreading the GMOs and excitotoxins in our food supply unless we financially support it.  Think about it!

If you are having any health issues, then I encourage you to consult your physician as to whether the types of foods you are eating and their ingredients could be a cause of your health condition.  As we say in law, for causation to exist, it does not have to be the only cause but “a” cause.  You might want to keep a food diary for a couple of weeks and share that with your doctor.

I wish everyone the best of health.   Stay engaged.  Remember, “We Vote on Our Health With Our Dollars!”™

NOTICE:  The information contained on this website is for health educational purposes only.   I am not a physician.  It is important to discuss your concerns with your treating physician, especially if you have chronic ongoing conditions.


I am frequently asked if I am a Christian, and if so, my denomination.

I am.  Jesus is my Redeemer.  The Bible is the God’s inerrant word.

When I repented (smartest thing I ever did) in 1999 the Lord put three churches on my heart to visit, none of which I knew any person before going there.  One of those was Green Street Baptist Church in High Point, NC.  I felt His presence there, stayed (became a member) and continue being an active member.  I love my church, my pastors and my brothers and sisters.  They are my family.

Green Street is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention.  Let me say that no church has exclusive rights on Jesus, whether denominational or non-denominational.  The question is do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God, who came to die for your sins so that if you repented you will spend eternity with Him, God and the Holy Spirit?  Have you made Him Lord and Master of your life? (Or did you “repent” using the words as a form of “fire insurance”?) Do you believe that the Bible is the errant word of God?  Do you follow His precepts?  Can people tell you are a Christian by your deeds, not your words?

Repentance, living your life as a walking testimony of his grace, love and His word is what matters!


This site exists to introduce you to an alternative for healthy food for daily use as well as long term food storage.

In that effort, I have done extensive research trying to give you a high quality work product and body of information to consider.

If anyone wants to use this information to share with friends, family or acquaintances for educational purposes about the issues concerning the integrity of our food supply, then feel free to share my writings.  I ask that you include the links and give the website credit.

However, if your purpose of sharing this information is in part for any commercial reason (i.e., you sell freeze dried food, soliciting business) then you need to get my permission in writing.  Without my written permission there is no consent.  This means that commercial infringers, when discovered, will see me legally protect my work, including seeking damages.

When I use third party information I give credit to the source for their hard work in producing their work product.

If you have any questions about whether it is permissible to use information from this site, then write me at thrive@survive-thrive.us.  I will respond to all queries.

As Ben Franklin, a great statesman, once said:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Note:  All writings on this site are protected by copyright law as noted at the footer at the end of the page.  The copyright symbol or notice does not have to be at the end of the article or post to be protected.  All pages are also monitored for plagiarism and copyright violations.

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