March 29: Gluten Free Allergen Free Wellness Event 2014 in Charlotte

Come Visit Us at the Gluten Free Allergen Free Wellness Event 2014 in Charlotte


This is the 4th Annual Gluten Free Allergen Free Wellness Event in Charlotte.

gluten free allergen frer wellness event

Come Join Us at this Wonderful Event! Learn about products and techniques that will get you healthier.

Time:  10AM to 4PM
Place:  Harris Conference Center
3216 CPCC Harris Campus Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28208
Cost:  $10 per person (at door)
Children under 13 Free Admission

Celiac and gluten intolerance persons need gluten free foods for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

But this conference is not just for those who suffer from allergies, celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

Did you know that more research is coming out that eating gluten free is becoming necessary for everyone?  More and more research is coming out that gluten is unhealthy, period.  For example, diabetics, those with Alzheimers and dementia should avoid gluten foods.

The health benefits of eating gluten free is catching on.  It’s estimated that around 30% of the public is now trying to eat gluten free and many are reporting that they just feel better, more energetic.

More gluten free products are being introduced into the market.

This wellness event is also idea for anyone wanting to learn how to easily transition to a gluten free diet.

The Survive-Thrive ministry team will be participating in this eventThrive Foods has more certified gluten free foods than anyone in long term storage industry.  You can use our food not just for preparedness; moreover, its greatest value is incorporating it daily into your meals.


Because our certified gluten free foods are not only cost comparative to the grocery store gluten foods, but in many instances cheaper.  All the storefront grocery stores, whether traditional or the “greener ones” (such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, etc.) generally mark up or charge more for gluten free foods.

Thrive does not discriminate against those seeking gluten free foods in that manner.  Instead we make eating gluten free affordable, easy and convenient.

We’ll have samples at the Charlotte Gluten Free Allergen Free Wellness Event for you to sample.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much better, nutrient rich and tasty our freeze dried food is without all of the food processing chemicals!

Thrive’s gourmet taste is the way all food should taste!

We hope you will stop by our booth and say hello.  We look forward to seeing you!

Over 140+ Certified GLUTEN FREE FOODS

Now, Over 140+ Certified Gluten Free Foods!

Thrive has more certified gluten free foods than any competitor within the long term food storage industry.  We have no serious competition, period.  Why?  Because we are dedicated in serving the highest quality, healthiest food possible.  Our food is the quality that you’ll love eating every day.

It’s better than what the traditional grocery store offers us.

You won’t find yourself putting our food in the closet or basement for any future “what if” moments.  In fact, once you taste it, realize the simplicity it incorporates into meal preparation as well as its cost savings, you’ll find yourself using it daily for you and your family.

Even better our gluten free products are not only affordable, but cheaper than the limited selection of gluten free products the traditional grocery store provides.

Use our Thrive Product Details Chart below to see which of our foods are gluten free:



Click here if you want to download the Thrive Product Details Chart 
Ready now to go grocery store shopping online? 
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“We Vote on Our Health With Our Dollars!”™

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Going Gluten Free

Going Gluten Free

Should you go gluten free?  This is the debate because there is a growing trend of consumers eliminating gluten from their diet.  It’s not just individuals who have Celiac Disease that are trying to eliminate gluten from their diet.  There are many who have a sensitivity to gluten.

I am posting this article from Fox News by Tanya Zuckerbrot below which discusses the current debate.  My question to the dietician is wouldn’t our health be better off without all the bread, pasta, and desserts?  These types of foods tend to also be high in sugar and carbohydrates.  They’re a source of weight gain independent of the bloating issues.

In layman’s language, an analogy of gluten, one could argue, would be food glue or a thickener.  Don’t we need to have our gastrointestinal “plumbing” flushed and flowing?  Do we need to add one more potential inflammatory to our gastrointestinal system?

Remember, our gastrointestinal system houses about 80% of our immune system.

Do your own research about gluten and decide whether you want to try going gluten free to see if you feel better.  Discuss gluten with your physician especially if you are suffering from any chronic conditions to see if gluten could be contributing to your illness.  Ask your physician about whether you should experiment with a gluten free diet.  No Name Atty

Addendum:  Those who have Celiac Disease or desire a more gluten free diet, Thrive does have over 100 certified gluten free foods.

Should you go gluten-free?


Published December 02, 2012

It’s not often that a serious medical condition sparks a dieting fad. Such is  the case with the gluten-free craze. Sufferers of Celiac Disease, an autoimmune  digestive disease, absolutely must avoid foods containing gluten, but somehow  gluten-free has caught on with non-sufferers who think cutting out gluten will  help them eat better or lose weight. It won’t necessarily do either, yet right  now there are loads of gluten-free products being marketed to the general  population that suggest they can. Even Domino’s Pizza is on the bandwagon with  gluten-free pizza crust, although the company’s website cautions that it is not  recommended for true Celiac suffers!

Perhaps you have been considered going gluten-free?  Before you stop  eating breads, pastas and cereals let’s look at the facts about gluten, Celiac,  gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity.

Read more:




Selling out post


Sliced Mushrooms



Cherry Yogurt

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Make sure you get a case of these individual items on sale for an additional 5% savings computed in the pricing. For example, sweet peas are 50% off. IF YOU BUY A CASE OF SWEET PEAS, THEY ARE 55% OFF. THIS CANNOT BE BEAT!

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Look at this website because it is just reflective of a small portion of our skills and knowledge.

Many of our team members are in fields associated with health care or have had their own struggles with gluten, MSG, hidden MSG, aspartame and GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Personally I have found it is easy to learn about food storage. But learning about health, medicine, how things integrate and that we are an unique walking and talking human chemistry lab created by God is more challenging.

From my About Me page you can see I am committed every day to working towards a healthier lifestyle and using food as my first medicine, not the last. Despite the hellish situation I suffered for years, I am so incredibly grateful that in this struggle I discovered what was interfering and deteriorating my health. This drives my passion to help others so that hopefully will never experience what I had to. Remember, behind every negative in life there is an equally powerful positive. We just have to find it!

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