Our Deteriorating Economic Outlook: Serious Inflation On the Horizon

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​Have you noticed that prices seem to be rising faster than the official inflation numbers?

Independent of increasing prices, with food price increases are hidden two additional ways:  (1) reducing quantity or weight yet offering it with a similar price; and (2) reformulating the ingredients of a processed food with cheaper, and often unhealthier ingredients.

Please read and pay attention to this article by Dr Paul Craig Roberts, Guest Columnist, with Dave Kranzler and John Williams of www. shadowstats.com​.

The Deteriorating Economic Outlook

By Paul Craig Roberts, Guest Columnist (former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury), Dave Kranzler (www.investmentresearchdynamics.com) and John Williams (www.shadowstats.com)

July 8, 2014​

The third and final estimate (until the annual GDP revisions) of first quarter 2014 real GDP growth released June 25 by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis was a 2.9% contraction in GDP growth, a 5.5 percentage point difference from the January forecast of 2.6% growth. Apparently, the first quarter contraction was dismissed by those speculating in equities as weather related, as stock averages rose with the bad news.

Stock market participants might be in for a second quarter surprise. The result of many years of changes made to the official inflation measures is a substantially understated inflation rate. John Williams (www.shadowstats.com) provides inflation estimates based on previous official methodology when the Consumer Price Index still represented the cost of a constant standard of living. The 1.26% inflation measure used to deflate first quarter nominal GDP is unrealistic, as Americans who make purchases are aware.

A reasonable correction to the understated deflator gives a much higher first quarter contraction. The two main causes of inflation’s understatement are the substitution principle introduced during the Clinton regime and the hedonic adjustments ongoing since the 1980s that redefine price rises as quality improvements. Correcting for excessive hedonic adjustments gives a first quarter real GDP contraction of 5%. Correcting for hedonic and substitution adjustments gives a first quarter real GDP contraction of 8.5%.

Realistic economic analysis is a rarity. The financial press echoes Wall Street, and Wall Street economists are paid to help sell financial instruments. Gloomy analysis is frowned upon. Even negative quarters are given a positive spin.

Years of understatement of inflation has resulted in years of overstatement of GDP growth. Thinking about the many years of misstatement, we realized that the typical computation in nominal terms of the ratio of debt to GDP is seriously misleading.

Consider that debt is issued in nominal terms and repaid in nominal terms (except for a few Treasury bonds with inflation adjustments). However, nominal wealth or nominal GDP overstates real economic strength. The debt is growing, but both the nominal and real values of the output of goods and services are not keeping up with the rise in debt.

To understand how risky the rise of debt is, nominal debt must be compared to real GDP. Spin masters might dismiss this computation as comparing apples to oranges, but such a charge constitutes denial that the ratio of nominal debt to nominal GDP understates the wealth dilution caused by the government’s ability to issue and repay debt in nominal dollars. We know that inflation favors debtors, because debts can be repaid in inflated dollars.


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Economic Health: Gold is Probably Gone, Real Inflation Understated, Recession is Coming

Economic Health: Gold is Probably Gone, Real Inflation Understated, Recession is Coming

Is the death of the dollar a "when" instead of an "if"?I encourage you to listen to Dr. Roberts interview with King World News.  The economy is much worse shape than policy makers are indicating.  Many of the figures are overstated or understated our economic health, depending on the outcome desired.

If a private citizen or business did what the government is doing, would we be sued or at worse in jail?

Is your assets in paper only, whether certificates, stocks, money, etc.?  Do you have possession of those paper assets?  Or can you physically touch your assets?

In law we have a rule:  Possession is 9/10’s of ownership.  You can “own” something but if someone else has physical possession and a dispute erupts, then how are you going to get it?  This is what causes many lawsuits, trying to get possession of things that people claim they owed but are being denied ownership rights.  Many times while the litigation is ongoing the value of the property dissipates.

Listen to Dr. Roberts’s brief interview about the nation’s economic health by clicking 6-28-2014 Roberts interview.

Thrive Life Prices & Pricing Levels: How to Save Money Buying Healthy Thrive Freeze Dried Foods

Thrive Life Prices & Pricing Levels


You have 18 fruit choices when you save money buying healthy Thrive freeze dried foods.

Save Money Buying Healthy Thrive Freeze Dried Foods Today!

You save money buying healthy Thrive freeze dried foods. Not only will you minimize the impact of food inflation through food storage, eliminating waste and lowering your monthly grocery expenses (see “Cheaper than the Grocery Store”) but you’ll be giving yourself healthy food for your body. Because it offers GMO free, MSG free, aspartame free, rBGH and rbst (animal hormone) free foods, you can use the foods you eat to help build up your immune system or lessen your allergies. When shopping always use our Allergens Chart which identifies potential allergens or reactives that might be relevant to you (i.e., gluten, wheat, soy, etc.)

Thrive is Premium, Healthy Freeze Dried Food.

After battling multiple health issues (see “About Me”) and seeking GMO free (genetically modified organisms) foods for groceries and food storage, I came across Thrive as a solution to my food and nutrition needs. It helps protect and build my immune system and reduce allergies. There’s a growing body of medical research that GMOs, MSG, “hidden MSG”, and aspartame may be adversely affecting our health (see “Healthier than the Grocery Store”). GMOs have been linked to altering DNA, increasing allergies and adversing affecting our immune system. Studies of rats eating a GMO diet showed a variety of adverse effects on them, including, but not limited to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, infertility, organ failure, etc. MSG and aspartame have also been negatively linked to the same or similar adverse health effects (see Allergens & Reactives”).

With Thrive Foods you have a healthy alternative that saves you money!

Thrive foods are the best quality at the lowest price. Shelf Reliance guarantees you get the lowest food prices working with an independent consultant. They have 4 pricing levels on their freeze dried food:

Retail (You go to the Thrive Life [formerly Shelf Reliance] website and purchase through the company directly. The black bar across the page identifying the consultant is not present.)

Web Store -Home Party Price (You purchase off a consultant’s web store or through one of their parties. You see a black bar across the page identifying the consultant’s name. (This store is identified as “survive-thrive.us” on the black bar.) Savings approximately 5 to 15%.

Q Club (This is their frequent buyer program, where you agree to purchase a minimum amount, i.e., $100, per month. Savings approximately 10 to 25%.)

Unadvertised Specials (These are periodic specials, heavily discounted, i.e., up to 45% off, that the independent consultant emails you the pending specials. These specials are not publicly posted in the web store. They are password protected. To receive them you must give the independent consultant your email address per corporate policy. Once I have your email address I will email you the password.)

If you are interested in deep discounts, would like to see the unadvertised specials, then view my page on How to Get DEEP Discounts: Become Our Customer.

As an attorney (see “About Me” tab) I have a special sensitivity to privacy and confidentiality issues. Your information is kept private and is not shared. I only send out emails with the monthly sale specials, unadvertised specials and new products added which is usually once a month. I also will share once a month food supply, health articles or videos you might want to read on GMOs, food additives and how they adversely impact our health. Many of you are like me trying to purify our food supplies and eat healthy. It can be done.

Knowledge is power!

Explore this website. It contains a condensed summary of facts (with links to reputable third party sources) about issues going on with our food supply that are causing a broad range of health issues. Even if you don’t purchase anything from my store, I encourage you to share this site with others. We need to learn more about what makes us healthier and how to avoid illness. When you look at the scientific data and research, excessive calorie consumption is not the real poster child. Learn why and you’ll get healthier!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at thrive@northstate.net. Isn’t now the time for you to save money buying healthy Thrive freeze dried foods?

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I get asked this question many times about Thrive Foods!  The answer is simple:  Overall it is the best choice for quality and value!  It’s a win-win for the consumer!

These are just a few of the many good reasons to switch to Thrive Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) food products:


Our foods are healthier than the foods offered at the traditional grocery stores as they are not dominated with GMOs, MSG, and Aspartame, ingredients or processes which either have not been fully tested with long term studies by independent scientists.  At best GMOs, MSG and Aspartame are controversial and highly debated within the scientific community.  Are you or your family interested in being part of an ongoing experiment as many claim these growing methods and additives are?  See our page Healthier Than The Grocery Store for more information.


Food prices are skyrocketing, whether from companies changing their ingredients to cheaper ones, substituting ingredients, reducing the quantity, or just increasing the price.  Thrive Foods, because of their long term storage (many 25 or more years) and time to eat our foods once opened (usually 1 to 2 years) allows you to lock in lower prices as an offset to inflation, including potential upcoming hyperinflation.

Moreover, Thrive Life also offers you price stability that the grocery stores, whether those stressing whole foods or the traditional grocery store are unlikely to have.  The company adjusts it price schedule 4 times a year (for each season).  I’ve even seen our regular prices on food items go down.  Ask youself how often that happens at the grocery store these days?  To learn more about how we are cheaper, visit the page  Cheaper Than The Grocery Store.


As you know millions of consumers want more information on their food labels to indicate whether a food product is genetically modified.  There was a knock-down fight of David and Goliath in California with the November 2012 referendum about whether we could get pro-consumer food labeling.  Unfortunately the last 40 days before the vote, Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Syngenta, Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Co and other minions heavily engaged in shoveling GMOs into your food supply (and believe with their corporate practices that you are NOT entitled to know whether GMOs are in your food) won Round 1 because they poured millions into their campaign.  (Ask yourself:  If GMOs are so good then why don’t they want you to know that one or more ingredients in a product is genetically modified?)

Consumers during these challenging times did not have the financial means to offset these multinational corporations.

So battle may have been lost but the war is far from over.  The “genie” is out of the bottle.  That “bloodbath” caused more consumers to learn about the GMO issues not just inside but outside of California.

Before this referendum Thrive Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) was already providing potential customers information on whether their food products contained GMOs.  In fact they voluntarily give customers more information than the law requires.  Learn why this is important by reading my page:  “Natural” or “All Natural” Misleading Labels.


When I was growing up it was rare to hear that anyone had a food allergy, and even rarer to hear that a child had a food allergy.  Now, there is a dramatic increase in the number of food allergies not just for adults but of children.  Learn more about this from my page Allergens and Reactives.


Thrive Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) is providing you with an ever expanding number of whole foods, sauces and seasonings.  It really is a high quality online grocery store.  Look at our offerings:  Freeze Dried Grocery Store.  Why battle the long lines, be exposed to the end counter high leader product placements, the time spent, and the gas you burn going between grocery stores.  Thrive Foods are a online shopping service that is a one stop shopping experience that will save you not only time, but money.

 “We Vote on Our Health With Our Dollars!”™

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Customer Corner

Customer Corner

In the Customer Corner section over time videos, tips for customers on how to get the most food that the love for the least amount of money, how to host a successful home or internet party will be here.


I want to thank all of our loyal customers to the Survive-Thrive.US and our team members.  We all are grateful that you support our work with your purchases!

Any questions, areas that you would like for us to cover, etc., please contact me at thrive@northstate.net.

May you have many blessings!

12 Things That Just Happened That Show The Next Wave of the Economic Collapse Is Almost Here

Michael Synder’s work I am regularly featuring on this website with his permission from his economic collapse blog.

Michael has a B.S. in Commerce from the University of Virginia, a law degree (J.D.) and a Masters of Law in Taxation (LL.M.) from the University of Florida School of Law. 

In this specific article, pay close attention to #1 and #11 of the items.  The reason number 1 (insider CEO execs of major corporations) is important is because despite a company’s press release or what the talking head commentators say on Cable, this is in essence a vote of “no confidence” in the current economic situation.

Number #11 is important because things will get much uglier and trying as the currency war advances.  In currency wars, the victims on the battlefield are not the soldiers but us consumers and families.  It’s like a toxic gas that is odorless and colorless:  You may not see if but you will definitely suffer the consequences.

China is in overdrive to have their currency, which will be partially backed by gold, to replace ours.  They have quietly gone to trading partner after trading partner getting them to not use the U.S. Dollar.  Because of some major trade deals and projects they have made with Saudi Arabia, I believe they are working behind the scenes to get the Saudis to agree to move away from the U.S. “petrodollar” . 

When the Saudis agree to use something other than US Dollars in settling the accounts from selling their oil, look for the life support plug for the dollar to be pulled out of the electricial outlet.     

The biggest obstacle for the Chinese in their efforts is the fact that they are a communist nation. 

Watching the currency war is a must.  Do your own research.  Don’t expect the mainstream media to keep you up to date.  You’re more likely to find out what is going on by monitoring solid financial sites and the European newspapers.–No Name Attorney

12 Things That Just Happened That Show The Next Wave Of The Economic Collapse Is Almost Here

By Michael, on March 3rd, 2013

12 Things That Just Happened That Show The Next Wave Of The Economic Collapse Is Almost Here

Are we running out of time?  For the last several years, we have been living in a false bubble of hope that has been fueled by massive amounts of debt and bailout money.  This illusion of economic stability has convinced most people that the great economic crisis of 2008 was just an “aberration” and that now things are back to normal.  Unfortunately, that is not the case at all.  The truth is that the financial crash of 2008 was just the first wave of our economic troubles.  We have not even come close to recovering from that wave, and the next wave of the economic collapse is rapidly approaching.  Our economy is like a giant sand castle that has been built on a foundation of debt and toilet paper currency.  As each wave of the crisis hits us, the solutions that our leaders will present to us will involve even more debt and even more money printing.  And each time, those “solutions” will only make our problems even worse.  Right now, events are unfolding in Europe and in the United States that are pushing us toward the next major crisis moment.  I sincerely hope that we have some more time before the next crisis overwhelms us, but as you will see, time is rapidly running out.

The following are 12 things that just happened that show the next wave of the economic collapse is almost here…

Read More Here



Why is it important to become our customer so you can get Deep Discounts on Thrive Foods?

Political Cartoon Captures What We're Facing in 2013

Political Cartoon Captures What We’re Facing in 2013

With food inflation setting to soar in 2016, saving money on your grocery bill is important.  I’ve seen figures reported groceries used to make up 6% of our monthly budget.  As of 2013 Max Keiser, an economic journalist, reported in the U.S. groceries rose on average to 16% of a family’s monthly income.

Two ways that you can significantly lower your grocery bill while simultaneously eating better food than is offered at the traditional grocery store (i.e., non-gmo, no msg, no hidden msg, no aspartame), is using Thrive’s Unadvertised Specials and the Q Club.

Since unadvertised specials, which can save up to 45% off of the retail price, are NOT published on the Thrive Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) website, then to receive these you must have a relationship with a Thrive Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) Consultant.  The consultant sends these to you via email, newsletter and/or has them on their website password protected.  These are the distribution requirements by Thrive Life corporate office.

How Survive-Thrive.Us Distributes Unadvertised Specials to Potential Customers:

1.    We require all customers or potential customers to sign up for our Email Newsletter.  Each month around the 2nd to the 5th day, we send out our newsletter.

2.    Within the newsletter there will be a link to the current unadvertised specials.  All unadvertised specials are subject to being discontinued at any time.

3.    Since unadvertised specials fluctuate how often that they are updated and to keep down the number of emails sent, we also post on the website, password protected, a copy of the current unadvertised specials.  So before purchasing you should check on the website to see if it has been updated.

4.    The website copy is password protected.  All customers are given the password.  It is subject to being periodically changed for security reasons.  If a customer loses or forgets the password, then please email me at thrive@northstate.net and I will resend the current password.

5.      Your information is not shared or sold by me.  Thrive Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) likewise does not share or sell your information.

Who Can Join Our Email Newsletter:

1.    Anyone who is not already signed up for the Q Club under a consultant.  (Exception:  Those who are a Q Club customer of a Survive-Thrive.Us ministry team member are allowed to sign up to the newsletter.  Write me first at thrive@northstate.net giving me your name so I can verify whether your consultant is on the Survive-Thrive.Us ministry team.)

2.    If you have purchased from another consultant, but are not enrolled as a Q Club customer, and you feel that the Survive-Thrive.Us ministry better meets your needs, then you will receive the newsletter if you decide to become our customer.  This means that you:

a.    Notify the consultant that you want to be taken off of their email list, newsletter, etc.

b.    Agree that the Survive-Thrive.Us newsletter and other communications are proprietary and will not share them with a non-ministry consultant.  We go to great lengths to minimize any potential conflict of interest and mitigate any risks of inadvertent copyright violations for the benefit of everyone.

c.    Should you decide at some point that you wish to discontinue being a Survive-Thrive.Us ministry customer, then you notify us in writing to take you off all communication lists.  We will quickly comply with your wishes.

 When You Become Our Customer, Then You Give Us Permission:

1.    Send you our newsletter, special sales or important food news.

You will be added to our email database hosted currently by Constant Contact.

We are conservative in sending out emails and other communications.  We realize it is a privilege and respect the trust you have given.

2.    Add your name to our Thrive Life (Shelf Reliance) customer database.  This will create your login ID and issue a temporary password so you can shop at your convenience.

3.    Enroll you automatically (as long as you are an active customer) in periodical contests and giveaways.

4.    Verify with Thrive Life (Shelf Reliance) that you qualify to be a customer and eligible to receive our Email Newsletter, contests and giveaway prizes.

5.    Verify with Thrive Life (Shelf Reliance) your consultant history so that if you have been associated with a Survive-Thrive ministry team consultant your account stays with them. 

Survive-Thrive.Us and its ministry team members have a team approach and work closely together on many projects.  We have an agreement we do not take customers from each other.  Therefore, when we are entering your customer information into the Thrive Life (Shelf Reliance) database, if you are already in the database, then we will need to take steps not to break our agreement. 

Please note if you are associated with a ministry team consultant you are eligible to join this website’s newsletter.

 Who Is Not Eligible to Become a Customer or Join Our Email Newsletter:

1.    A Thrive Life (Shelf Reliance) Consultant who is not a member of the Survive-Thrive.Us ministry team.

2.    A family member of a Thrive Life (Shelf Reliance) Consultant who is not a member of the Survive-Thrive.Us ministry team.

3.    An individual who resides in the household of a Thrive Life (Shelf Reliance) Consultant who is not a member of the Survive-Thrive.Us ministry team.

4.    An individual who has a Q Club account with a Thrive Life (Shelf Reliance) Consultant who is not a member of the Survive-Thrive.Us ministry team.

If you have any questions about any of the above policies, then please send me an email at thrive@northstate.net.  If you are uncertain as to whether you are associated with another consultant, or whether you have a Q Club account, then write me.  I will research the matter and share with you the results.


“We Vote on Our Health With Our Dollars!”™

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Save Up to 45% on Freeze Dried Food

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Save Money Buying Healthy Thrive Freeze Dried Foods

​We also have a limited number of unadvertised specials that have up to 49% off if you buy by the case or bucket.

​If interested contact me as we are not allow to publicly publish them. Thanks!


​If you are wanting a food storage consult, contact me.  We can tailor a plan to your needs in just 5 minutes or less!

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at thrive@northstate.net or call 336 823 0008.

Purify & Win With GMO Free, Freeze Dried Healthy Foods

THRIVE™: Healthy Foods that Helps You

Purify and Win In the Health War

Spaghetti dinner made with gmo free thrive products. Gourmet without the gourmet costs.

You can have healthy, GMO-free meals in less than half the normal prep time without the gourmet costs

Thrive Foods (by Thrive Life, formerly Shelf Reliance), a leader in the freeze dried food industry, sells healthy foods without GMOs, MSG or aspartame.  Thrive Life’s focus is on selling you premium healthy foods  that you can eat every day, replacing the grocery store.  They also make available over 40 packages, from small packages to 4 individuals, 1 year package for those who are stocking food as a hedge against food inflation or preparing for times of local or national emergency.

Healthy Foods

No other freeze dried food company can claim all of the following: 

  • Healthy, Non GMO (or GMO free) foods (see Thrive Product Details) and seeking USDA organic certification on several items.  We released our first 6 certified organic items in February 2013 in our ongoing quest;
  • Shelf Life up to 30 years with an average life of 25 years;
  • Opened cans, average life of 1 year;
  • Higher natural vitamin (phytonutrient) content;
  • Animal Growth Hormone (rBGH, rbst) free meat and dairy products;
  • We do not source vendors that use Pink Slime Meat or by-products;
  • Avoid MSG or hidden MSG in prepared processed food and freeze dried meals;
  • No salt  or low salt (meats) in freeze dried foods as preservative;
  • Lower salt in Thrive Express™ prepared dishes than our competitors
  • Award winning 5 star chef (Todd Leonard) that teaches customers how to use Thrive daily;
  • Extensive collection of recipes using Thrive products;
  • Real meat in their Thrive Express™ dishes, not the “fake” TVP substitute;
  • Eliminate food waste by only getting the serving size you need for that meal;
  • Helps you better count your calories by controlling the ingredients and the serving size;
  • Cut meal prep time in half or more;
  • Latest food preservation technologyno nitrogen put directly on food (nitrogen flushing); and
  • Lower per serving cost.

Compare Us to the Competition

Most freeze dried food companies sell you packages focused primarily on you using them during financial hardships or emergencies.  Many of these processed foods have numerous GMO ingredients and contain multiple neurotoxins or excitotoxins, i.e., textured vegetable protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, etc.  These companies remind me of the food processing industry because of their lack of sensitivity to the GMO, neurotoxins and excitotoxin issues, the only difference is that their processed food has a longer shelf life.

Some of these companies do not even have the nutritional information on their website!  You don’t get to see that their food has high sodium (salt) in excess of 40+% of the recommended daily allowance per serving, undesirable levels of cholesterol or low or no natural vitamins in their servings.  You have to call to find out that they do use GMO ingredients.  When you finally locate their nutritional information on one of their affiliate or reseller sites, then the ingredients shows that there are multiple ingredients containing hidden MSG (less than 99% pure grade MSG or glutamate-see “Healthier than a Grocery Store”).

I’ve heard some people say that should we have a SHTF situation that they won’t worry about whether they have unhealthly food but only concerned that there is food.

Have Healthy Foods Now or in the Future

Is this wise when you can plan ahead and have healthy foods?  In times of crises when stress levels are high or if we have a nuclear emergency (i.e., nuclear reactor situation like Fukushima) our immune system must function at a high level instead of a weakened one.  How is your immune system going to do that when your intake is low vitamin, high sodium, GMO, and excitotoxin food? 

For those who are considering buying a package for preparedness purposes, don’t you want to buy healthy foods that you would eat every day rather than be left with food at some point you need to eat but would not normally eat as part of your diet?

Whether you are buying to replace grocery store food, trying to hedge inflation or for preparedness purposes, Thrive™ is a real win-win for consumers!

“We Vote on Our Health With Our Dollars!”™

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Save Up to 45% on Freeze Dried Food

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Cheaper Than The Grocery Store

Thrive’s cheaper than the grocery stores. We won’t break your food budget piggy bank!

THRIVE Saves You Money!!

When you purchase Thrive freeze dried foods, substitute it for foods you normally purchase at your local store, Walmart or Costco, you’ll find it is cheaper than grocery store or big chain stores.  You save significant money (while getting premium food) multiple ways.

     Get high quality, premium GMO free foods while paying less per serving than you pay with traditional grocery store shopping.  In January of 2012 I did a cost per serving comparison at Harris Teeter, a large Southeast US grocery store chain.  Look at these two examples, green beans and sweet peasNot only do you get grocery store prices or better per serving but Thrive has no sodium plus significantly higher vitamin content!

(Serving sizes are comparable because the Thrive serving size has not been rehydrated.   Freeze drying food reduces the size.  Adding water restores the food to its original size.)

I frequently do price comparison studies on our food compared to our competitors.  I share this information with my newsletter subscribers.  A new study is coming out in 2016 showing you how to not only save with the grocery store but how to buy our food at basement bargain prices!  If you have not already signed up to the ministry’s newsletter, I encourage you to do so.  We help you find the bargains and save you lots of $$$$.

     Eliminate food waste.  You just get what you need.  (No leftovers!)  Did you know according to a New York Times report in 2008 the average family of 4 wasted (or threw out) slightly over $2200 of grocery purchases?  Can you imagine how high this figure is in 2015 with all the food inflation we’ve had since 2008?

     Purchase in bulk as a hedge against food inflation.   Most of Thrive’s freeze dried foods have an average shelf life of 25 years with proper storage.   Once you open the can, you usually have 1 year to eat the contents before taste and nutrients are affected.

     Freeze dried food is a powerful tool to offset the ongoing food inflation we are experiencing from the Federal Reserve’s printing press, the California Drought and the fact food inflation outpaces increases in wages (thus reducing our purchasing power).

     Reduces impulse buying at the grocery store.  Did you know that grocery stores place products and structure sales for you to purchase more?   How many times have you gone into the grocery store to buy only a few things but left the store with many more items?

     Reduces trips to the grocery store.  You not only save gas, but wasted trips to pick up an item that has already sold out.

Ask yourself:  Does this video accurately reflect how you are grocery shopping?

Besides these cost savings, I help customers to get the lowest prices possible on their favorite foods and dietary needs.  Look at our packages, sales and special sales, and share with me which foods you want.

I will work with you to get the maximum amount of food possible within your budget.

“We Vote on Our Health With Our Dollars!”™

Click here to go to my Thrive Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) Store:

Save Up to 45% on Freeze Dried Food