Fukushima News: It Is Getting Worse

Fukushima News:  Fukushima Is Getting Worse



Fukushima is getting more out of hand and at the rate they are going–Japan, TEPCO and indirectly GE (who built the plant and is apparently consulting on the disaster)–they are going to significantly damage the food supply, the health of citizens, not just in Japan but all of North America.

I’d trust the Keystone Cops more with handling the Fukushima disaster more than the current corporations and governments.

Clearly from Alaska, Canada, the West Coast and down the west coast of Mexico will be severely damaged.

The dumping of seawater on the reactors only served to corrode the structures with the remaining fuel rods. Now, according to some scientists, the radiation is in the ground and going down towards the groundwater.

So while the Japanese Government/TEPCO start the building of an “Ice Wall”, TEPCO has been dumping and continues to dump hundreds of tons of radioactive water directly into the Pacific Ocean.

Does one have to be a scientist to have enough common sense that this ongoing nuclear radioactive waste dumping is going to eventually go around the world through weather and water currents?

One independent scientist, radiation expert, Leuren Moret, is even saying that Hawaii and the Pacific Islands are now unsafe for human habitat and swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

Whether she is wrong or right, considering the tract record of Japan and TEPCO with Fukushima, do you just really want to do nothing and watch from the sidelines? Or do you think that you should be investigating how to detox your body? Or how to boost your immune system? Or how to reduce the production of free radical production within your body? What about how to filter your water should Fukushima contaminate our groundwater, whether from its direct dumping or the radiation being brought to the use through rain, snow and weather patterns?

Feel free to share your thoughts.



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 Thrive Life requires you to have an enroller, someone who signs you with Shelf Thrive Life.  The person you select as an enroller is one of the most important decisions you can make as a consultant.

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Here’s a list of some of my skills for your consideration:

  • Licensed attorney with an extensive business background.  I obtained my educational degrees from top-rated, prestigious universities.
  • Adjunct graduate school professor teaching MBA students business law.  Some subjects I teach include forming a business, international trade and contracts.
  • Extensive background in communications.
  • Develop marketing and selling campaigns, strategies and visual aides that I share with myteam members.
  • Know how to effectively teach or train others.
  • Help you develop your business plan.
  • Knowledgeable and researched for years food safety, food supply, health and economic issues.
  • Assist you in complying  with company (see Thrive Life Japan Consultantsand other legal rules and regulations.

Some Thrive Life consultant enrollers post their name, email address and ID number for anyone to sign up with them.  I do not. I want us to talk with each other, whether on the phone, through instant messaging, Skype, etc, before I give anyone this information.

Why?  How do you know that you will blend into the Survive-Thrive.us food ministry team without speaking with me?  How do you know if I will meet your training and business needs?

I do not sign up consultants so I can have as many consultants as possible.  I believe anyone I sign up I must be able to help them and have the appropriate time to work with them.

I am selective in signing up team members because I invest my professional experience, education and business time in my team members.  You also have valuable skills and talents to contribute.  Why would you invest them in someone without talking to your enroller?

So how can we discuss whether you want to join the Survive-Thrive.us food ministry team?   Write me a note,  including your name and sharing about your business background.  Share with me what kind of team leader (enroller) better meets your needs.  Also discuss whether you use instant messaging, Skype or other communication methods for international communications.  My email address is thrive@northstate.net

I look forward to  the privilege of speaking with you and learning more about you!

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Become A Thrive Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) Consultant:

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  • Do you enjoy helping empower others?
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There’s low start-up costs (as little as $129) when you become a Thrive Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) Consultant.  You need to sign up under an independent consultant.  Your enroller helps you develop and grow your business.  If you’re interested in joining my team, then I’d like to talk with you.  Send me your name, email address, phone number and the best times to reach you.

Everyone has different talents.  The goal is blending a team that compliments each other.  Here are some of my strengths:

  • Extensive study and research on food safety, food supply, health and economic issues.
  • Developing effective message visual aides that are used exclusively by my team.  They are protected by copyright law.  (I do not charge a personal fee to use them.)
  • 30+ years of business experience, including counseling start-up small businesses.
  • Help you develop your business plan.
  • Skilled in legal and business risk management.
  • Training skills– helping you with your skill set so you stay ahead.
  • Educator-adjunct professor teaching undergraduate and graduate students.  Know the latest with business law, economics and political changes that may affect your business.  Did you know that 95% of all new businesses fail to succeed within 5 years?  Can you see why mentoring is important?

I’ve spent considerable time performing market research, developing marketing materials and building a foundation.  Personally it’s a matter of fairness and ethics that I have a blueprint (or some might say “my act together”) before adding people to my team.

What a great upline you’ll be joining when you become a Thrive Life Consultant on my team!  All of my upline are Platinum Executives, meaning they’ve sold $200,000 or more in a month.  We know how to communicate and help our customers.

So many times with the various consultant or multilevel marketing (MLM) models someone’s success is totally dependent upon bringing in additional members.  Thrive is a direct selling company so you can make money without signing up team members while earning free and half off food.

And if you are interested in sharing Thrive part-time or working towards a full time business, then please consider the following and see if they “mesh” with you:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Synergy
  • Location/Regions
  • Talents

So does my mission and vision interest you?  There are many venues for connecting with people, showing them a healthier way of life and educating them about the issues with our food safety and food supply.

Where do you live?  Are you located in the US (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, or Puerto Rico?  You don’t have to be in my backyard for me to want you as a member of my team.  Again, look at my mission, vision,  goals and how we each can help each other.

If you think you’d be a good fit, then just send me an email, with your name and your phone number.  Don’t wait too long to contact me.

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