Sixty Percent (60%) Increase in Food Fraud

Increase in Food Fraud

By No Name Attorney and GeoBeatsNews

Food processors are feeling the economic pinch and some of them are sidelining their ethics as food fraud is increasing.

The U.S. Pharacopeial Convention’s food fraud report database increased approximately 60% in the last year.

Milk, honey, spices, olive oil, coffee, spices and maple syrup were frequently diluted or replaced with cheap spices.

One way to avoid the risk of food fraud is buying whole foods instead of processed foods.

The information was reported by GeoBeatsNews.  They have a short, informative 1 minute, 6 seconds clip you might find interesting.

The Emergency Cube Package for 4 people, 1 year, 45.9% Off!!

This is a photo of a Thrive package. Thrive offers a variety of packages to meet your individual and family needs.

This is a photo of a Thrive package. Thrive offers a variety of packages to meet your individual and family needs.

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42 Hard White Winter Wheat

36 White Rice

16 Pearled Barley

16 Quick Oats

14 Cornmeal

12 Elbow Macaroni

12 Egg Noodle Pasta


24 Potato Chunks

8 Sweet Corn FD

8 Broccoli FD

8 Carrot Dices

8 Green Beans FD

4 Chopped Onions FD



4 Banana Slices FD

4 Blueberries FD

4 Peach Slices FD

6 Strawberries FD

4 Raspberries FD



24 Non-Fat Powdered Milk

6 Cheese Blend

8 Chocolate Drink Mix


Proteins (Meat & Beans)

8 Whole Egg Powder

8 Chicken TVP

18 Pinto Beans

12 Black Beans

14 Lentils

8 Beef TVP



4   Iodized Salt

1   Vegetarian Chicken Bouillon

1   Vegetarian Beef Bouillon

10 Brown Sugar

2   Baking Powder

8   Butter Powder

6   Shortening Powder

10 Cane Sugar

1 THRIVE Cookbook

Shelf Life of Items (approx., based on optimal conditions):

Grains & Rice-30 years; Freeze Dried (FD)-25 years; Dehydrated-7-25 years (Eggs and Butter Powder have shorter lives)

Opened Shelf Life: varies by product but many within 1 to 2 year range.

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