Fukushima Update: They Don’t Know What To Do…Hide Your Sins and They’ll Go Away!



Apparently Fukushima Execs and the Japanese Government have no way to deal with the leaking radioactive waste.  Their Solution:  Dump all of it in the Pacific?  See this article:  They’re Going to Dump the Fukushima Radiation Into the Ocean

If this article is right and TEPCO is allowed to dump the massive amount of radioactive water they’ve collected (independent of the 300 tons per day they’re dumping into the ocean), the US is in for an ugly, ugly situation.  Their radioactive waste will get in our soil and food supply.  From what I can see ingesting this stuff internally is more of a problem than any other mode of exposure.

So what does it mean for the health of our countrymen?  Read this in-depth article which shares several studies on the effects of nuclear radiation on humans:  What Is The ACTUAL Risk for Pacific Coast Residents from Fukushima Radiation?

Actually in some ways I am a little relieved.  TEPCO was going to try something never tried before using a robot to remove the approximate 1,100 spent fuel rods from the pools.  All we needed to have a cataclysmic event was two of those rods to come in contact with each other.  Considering the deceptive and incompetent tract record of TEPCO and the Japanese government, they most likely would have dropped a rod or touched another one trying to remove them.

But this solution of dumping all of their radioactive wastes in the ocean, contaminating other nations and our oceans, is no solution.  The plant will continue to spew the waste.  It’s like treating the symptoms but not the causation or problem.

So now it looks like Americans, engaging in individual and family risk management trying to protect their health, have these options: 

We need to be more vigilant about the quality of our food sources.  (The Koreans are already using Geiger counters in food markets trying to avoid contaminated seafood.) 

Reduce our intake of seafood unless we know it comes from areas other than the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico where the BP Deepwater Oil Spill did an incredible amount of damage to our ecosystem. 

Get their health in better shape.  Our thyroid should operate at maximum efficiency since it is the first line of defense.  We need to boost our immune system and resolve our gastrointestional issues.  Eighty percent (80%) of our immune system is in our gastrointestinal tract.

Assess what vitamins and minerals are needed.  Eat a diet that high in antioxidants and with alkaline foods.

Be more diligent about detoxing.  When you detox it helps your liver, colon, kidneys and skin function better.

We can’t wait on our government to protect us.  This is a matter of individual responsibility.