Wall Street Fraudsters Must Go To Jail

Wall Street Fraudsters Must Go To Jail

When you have the number one (1) law enforcement officer (exclusive of the President) tells the Senate that he’s afraid to prosecute the Wall Street fraud banksters because their influence on the economy, then what has happened to our justice system?

Do you think that we need another Attorney General that has some chutzpah?

If what Attorney General Eric Holder is saying is true, then is this not the reason why they should be prosecuted?  When someone or something has too much influence, can they wrongfully distort our economic system and use it to their advantage?

Private monies are leaving Wall Street and the US (going off-shore).  Do you think that a growing portion of the public views that our economic system is rigged in favor of the “money changers”?   Or do you think that Wall Street fraud is healthy for our financial system?  If a certain segment is above the law, then should we pass legislation to put them under the law?

We also need to explore how this was allowed to happen.  For example, what role, if any, did the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act have upon the Wall Street banksters running amuck?  Should Glass-Steagall be reinstated?  Should the “too big to fail banks” be broken up as were the oil companies in the early 20th century?

Watch this clip of testimony by Attorney General Eric Holder.  How does it make you feel?  Do you think that this is fair?   –No Name Attorney