Why Host A Party

Hosting a party is a great way to earn free or substantially discounted groceries or increase your food storage.   Several of my customers have done this with success in a comfortable atmosphere.

It is also a great way to introduce your friends to healthier food and a more convenient and time saving way of preparing nutritious meals.

Over the years there are three types of parties my customers hold:

  • The traditional home party where the consultant comes to your home, shares samples and demonstrates how easy it is to prepare a meal;
  • ​You don't have a party in your home but share samples, have people to contact me and I work with them in creating an order that meets their health, grocery or storage needs;
  • For those outside my travel area, you have your guests over and through sharing samples I send you, I will participate in the party via Skype and work with you and your guests on their orders to customize them to their needs.

How much can you expect to earn?  Truly that is a function of the number of people participating and their needs.  Thrive reports that the average home party sales total is around $900.  My teammates and I generally have significantly higher totals.  The key is finding out your guests' needs and preparation.

For more information how you can make any of these parties a success and blessing to your friends, please see my sheet on Host Benefits.

Regardless of the method, hosting a party can accelerate your food storage as well as significantly lower your grocery bill.  If you are a customer of a ministry team member, contact them so they can get you going towards a successful event.  If you are my customer or are just finding this on the Internet, contact me and we will collaborate as to what will work best for you. 

​Below is Thrive's brochure describing their home parties:


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